12 Amazing Kids Under 12

December 31, 2015

I was just featured in Canada's Largest Newspaper, The Toronto Star on New Years Eve, 2015.  

December 31, 2015 - Toronto Star - 12 Amazing Toronto whiz-kids age 12 and under

Abi Smithson is an a 11-year-old grade six student who had an idea after seeing her mothers sandal tan. She thought a heart shaped tan line would be prettier instead. She is now the CEO of Love Sandal selling 1300 pairs this year.

Abi Smithson, 11

Last time the Star checked in with this 11-year-old CEO, she was a 9-year-old girl with a cool idea: sandals that leave a heart tan line on your feet. Now, Abi Smithson’s Love Sandal business is booming. She’s sold more than 1,300 pairs this year and is finalizing a deal to get the sandals on HBC.com. She even had a networking trip to Las Vegas for the MAGIC footwear trade show last August, where she met the CEO of Birkenstock.

As her business gets more refined and adult, the aspiring fashion designer is set on keeping her youthful attitude: “I never want to grow up,” she says.


For 17 days from August 21 to September 7 I had a booth at Canada's largest fair, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) also known as "The Ex".  My booth was in the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies building and over 1.5 million people came to the CNE this year!!!  I sold over 400 pairs of Love Sandals over the 17 days and it was really amazing to meet some of my customers and see a lot of my friends who stopped by to help me.  Special thanks to Jenn Lanteign, Jax & Van, my Mom and Dad and everyone else who helped me make this happen.  THANK YOU!!!

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Women On The Move Entrepreneur Summer Camp for kids.  This was an incredible experience I won't forget.  Being able to inspire young people is really amazing.

Two weeks ago, my dad took me to see his friend Joe Polish and Tony Robbins in Toronto.  There were over 5000 people there.  It turned into an awesome dance party as well.  Here are the highlights of the day!

My dad is so crazy!

That's me with Joe Polish (not sure why it's sideways)

Over 5000 People were there!!


Here is a link to my 2016 Line Card for Spring/Summer.  [CLICK THE IMAGE]

Abi Smithson, CEO

Made By Abi Inc.


  1. WeVideo Training

-10 Steps to WeVideo Training

  1. Review of the CrowdFunding Campaign

-Summary of Totals/Expenses/Deposits

-More to plan with Re-Launch of Campaign in April with Stock

  1. Potential Collaboration of having UPS as a Partner

-Signing Contract with UPS to receive preferred customer discounts

  1. Preparing to document and film a UPS Entrepreneur Shipping Story
  2. Discuss costs for shipping and customs fees for Sandal shipment

-Need to setup Amazon to receive and stock sandals for shipment

-Searching for contact to explain process

  1. Shoe Box Design

-Send ShoeBox Design to China-Accounting Review, Bank Account Review

  1. Built a Whiteboard to DO List

-Need to interview students to intern at MBA to work for Abi

  1. Prepare for PITCH for Investors
Things Abi learned while travelling in LA
  1. Airport and travel. 
  2. Converting currencies quickly US to Canadian
  3. How to use UBER to get around 
  4. Sign up for loyalty programs (ie rental car. Air plane) 
  5. How to get a free upgrade to a mustang 
  6. How to get what you want by simply asking 
  7. How to navigate through airport  security quickly. 
  8. How to complete a customs form
  9. Direct flights are better 
  10. Make sure you have a credit card for travel. Hotels. Checked luggage. UBER and car rental require a cc. 
  11. Public Speaking
  12. Practice makes perfect. 
  13. Confidence monitors help. 
  14. How to put a microphone on properly
  15. Making eye contact with audience. 
  16. Memorizing your topic. 
  17. Go with the flow. Pause when people are applauding. 
  18. Changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit  
  19. Instagram 
  20. The importance of having a personal vs business account 
  21. Making memes 
  22. Word Swag
  23. Joel Comm 
  24. Sue B Zimmerman 
  25. Periscope app
  26. How to make money using Google hangouts (record)
  27. How to use Podcasts and webinars to get your message across
  28. Practice on the stage in full dress rehearsal mode. 
  29. Practice with friends and family. 
  30. How to record a video. Thank you videos. 
  31. How to network with Adults. How to present yourself and your business in an authentic and engaging way. 
  32. How to give your business card. 
  33. How to ask for and process sales using Shopify app and website. 
  34. How to patiently sit and listen to topics that are not relevant. 
  35. Setup a table where people can buy your products after your talk. 
  36. Need 6 pairs of each sandal style. size 6-11 in 3 colours. 
  37. 12 pairs for display. Need to make a portable display pop up 
  38. Learned how to barter on price. Negotiated bracelet from $2 to $1 
  39. Long Beach. 
  40. Some areas are nicer than others  
  41. Aquarium 
  42. Learned about Baffin Island and met some of the guys who work in the iron mines. 
  43. Do not leave personal items in a public area as they might get stolen. 

Julie Smithson, COO / Mom

Made By Abi Inc. 

Last Month I went to Las Vegas for the first time to show my Love Sandals at the world's largest shoe show, FN Platform.   The show was absolutely incredible and I made a lot of contacts in the shoe industry.  Here is a video recap and some photos from the show...Enjoy!

Abi Smithson

This past weekend, Abi and her family setup a pop-up shop at the Toronto Waterfront Festival Artisan Market.  Abi learned face-to-face sales techniques and how to deal with a line up of customers.  Her and her friend Crea were little "Sales Ninja's" selling over 40 pairs of sandals over the two day event.  She even got a meet and greet with the cast of The Next Step.  Congratulations Abi on a job well done. - Alan


On May 17, 2015 Abi Smithson was invited to present at the Internet Prophets Live! conference in Los Angeles, California.  This was her first ever public speaking engagement and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Way to go Abi!!



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