Power Of Success with Tony Robbins & Joe Polish

Two weeks ago, my dad took me to see his friend Joe Polish and Tony Robbins in Toronto.  There were over 5000 people there.  It turned into an awesome dance party as well.  Here are the highlights of the day!

My dad is so crazy!

That's me with Joe Polish (not sure why it's sideways)

Over 5000 People were there!!


Abi Smithson
Abi Smithson


“The Love Sandal was an idea in the summer of 2013 when I was enrolled in the Girls Learning Code Inventors Camp in downtown Toronto. I noticed my Mom had ugly tan lines on the top of her and thought it would be great if we could somehow make the tan line look cool and then I thought, what if the tan line was a heart, and the Love Sandal was born. The Love Sandal represents not only a cool shoe that allows girls and women to have a nice heart shaped tan line, but they are also super comfortable sandals that are fashionable, well made and affordable. Our sandals are about being fun, youthful, elegant and beautiful.” Abi Smithson, CEO

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