Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose my sizes, colours, and styles?

At the end of the campaign we will send you a link to a page with a form to fill out where you can chose you sizes, colours, and styles. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is based on UPS rates within North America and the rest of the world.  Orders over $50.00 enjoy Free Shipping, Yippeeee!

When do I get my sandals?

Our manufacturing partner is standing by and excited to start producing the Love Sandal.  All sandals will be shipped in Spring 2015 just in time for summer!!

What sizes do they come in? How do I know my size?

Love Sandal’s are currently offered in three different sizes based off of standard US sock sizing:

Womens (shoe sizes 6-11)

Since Love Sandal’s are fun and elegant designs, we encourage women and teens to order the Love Sandal for an extra pair for the other special women in their life; Mother, Sister, Aunty, Daughter.

What are the shoes made of?

Love Sandal’s are made from the most durable and comfortable materials we could find.  The uppers are made from really soft leather and the soles are made from EVA.

What if I don't like them?

Unlikely, but stranger things have happened. That said, I stand by my product 100% so if for any reason you aren't happy with your Love Sandal just reach out to us at and we'll arrange for an exchange or full return.

If you've worn your Love Sandals, our only request is that you put them in a plastic bag prior to sending them back. We want to make sure you're happy but don't want to handle your funked up Love Sandals in the process. And so you don't feel bad, your Love Sandals will be donated to someone in need.

Can I wear my Love Sandals at the beach?

You can wear them wherever you like. While Love Sandals were engineered to the highest quality standards, we do not recommend taking them in the water.  Having said that, they are sandals so enjoy them.

What do I do if I don't want to take them off because they're so comfortable?

Don't panic, you're not alone and no one will judge you. The only answer to your question is make sure to have enough Love Sandals on hand to always be able to slip a fresh pair on. We recommend at least one pair week, plus an additional pair for special events such as weddings or mall excursions.

What do I do if throngs of people follow me and try to steal my sandals?

Not surprising. We've seen it happen. Your sister will steal your Love Sandals. Your kids will look for any excuse to wear your shoes.  Regardless of color, style, gender, or size, your Love Sandals will go missing if you're not careful.

The only solution here is to make sure these people have their own. Love Sandals are inexpensive and cool enough to make for pretty excellent gifts. Remember, they are more useful and last a whole lot longer than flowers. And hey, you'll be helping a 10 year old girl realize her dreams in the process, so win/win all around.

How is it a 10 year old can start a company?

When I came up with the idea for the Love Sandal, I was 8 years old.  My parents are both entrepreneurs so I guess it runs in the family, but I spent months with my dad learning about business models, customer support, customer segments and financial forecasts before he would even let me start designing the sandals.  Once my parents felt I was ready, they made an appointment with the CEO of Aldo and his design team and they helped me realize my dream designs.  They even found an independent designer, Sheena Repath to help create the Princess Collection.

What is the Ryerson Digital Media Zone & Fashion Zone?

Ryerson Digital Media Zone (DMZ) is currently ranked the number 5 business incubator in the world.  I had to pitch the steering committee like everyone else on my business idea and I am happy to say that I was accepted as the youngest member of the DMZ ever!  In addition to this, I am personally being mentored by the Chair of Ryerson Universities School of Fashion, Robert Ott.  I have a team of professional mentors making sure I succeed in my business.

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